Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Only A Beautiful Picture

screencaps by me.
In this episode:
Art lovers

Doyle solves a puzzle

High rises and chest hair

High rises, chest hair, and eyelashes

Bodie thinks

Jaywalking (and elves)


Bodie looks much taller today. Perhaps it's the angle. Or Doyle's forgotten his platforms? (Don't shoot me!)

Lads are charming

Lads laugh

Driving together

Competetive lads

Doyle dances

Doyle enjoys being disrespectful

Hello stranger. (I really have seen better undercover than they do in this scene!)

Doyle looks sweet (What do you mean there are other people in that picture?)

Bodie looks smug

Doyle disapproves

Doyle takes a nap-which is apparently rather amusing for Bodie

Bodie ends up in handcuffs

And of course...Doyle plays with fire

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  1. Nice pictures!! Love your commentary, too. LOL. Thanks for sharing.