Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Spy a Writer

Just a bit of silliness with Scotty and Kelly...

Is there a writer in your life?

Do you recognize this maniacal grin?  This single-minded devotion to a story (even when certain people are trying to sleep)?

Or this smug smile as a plot point is conquered?

Don't give up on sleep...

Don't try to reason with your wordsmith!

"Look, can you just let it go and stop with all the racket?  I'm sure the scene is fine!"

(He or she will always have something else to fix.)

"I'm sure I've got a dangling participle here somewhere, Scotty!"

"Sounds painful!"

Don't worry.  It isn't.  

He's actually having lots of fun, so go back to sleep and don't worry!

Oh, but if he asks if you like it?  The answer is always yes.  A lot.

"It's a work of genius, man.  Sheer genius.  *I* don't think identical twins both having amnesia at once is overdone!"

"Are...are you sure?  Maybe I should take out the crazed killer clowns..."

"No, man, that's my favorite part.  It's...wonderfulness.  Sheer wonderfulness!"

screencaps by Allie, from 'No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise,' "I Spy"


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